Stand Construction

When you are gearing up for the tradeshow of the year, you want to make sure that the look and feel of your exhibit is world class.

When clients have precise requirements and a detailed brief to be followed to the T, stand construction and custom fabrication takes precedence over pre-conceived catalogue designs. Our custom makes will enthrall and impress your customers as you take on the show with confidence. 

High quality booth construction
Our booths are constructed using only the finest quality materials, which are built to withstand the exhibiting rigor through repeated use.

The stand is created to suit your specific requirement and can be anything from a large structural design to lightweight modular system.  Our practical construction takes into accounts shipping, storage and installation requirements so that it weighs appropriately.

Custom fabrication for your unique product
Every brand is unique, and yours in one in a million. Custom fabrication helps shape up a stand with exacting measurements and precise brand specs for a look that’s truly personalized.

Your product, you choose
Whatever you decide, will be our pleasure to produce. We are ready to partner with you to find the best solutions for your particular brand, whether it is a custom material for the exhibit stand, or a particular shade of color that is just right for your product.

3B EXHIBITION STANDS is the leading provider of exhibition services world over and has the wherewithal to give you a stand that blends perfectly with your brand story. We have years of expertise to back up the decisions you make for creating that ideal exhibit.

Best Of Our service

Creatible Integrity

3B EXHIBITION STANDS strategy based on integrity holds our company to a more robust standard. Our integrity is based on the concept of self-governance in accordance with a set of guiding principles. The task of ethics management is to define and give life to our organization’s guiding values, to create an environment that supports ethically sound behavior, and to instill a sense of shared accountability among employees. The need to obey the law is viewed as a positive aspect of our organizational life, rather than an unwelcome constraint imposed by external authorities.

Creative Team Members

Creativity is strongly influenced by the way our team is organised. Our strong creative team is able to collaborate, inspire and work together effectively to produce a product that is both novel and useful. The primary objective of the creative team is to create a desire among the public for products and services. There is usually a positive correlation between the design of exhibition stands and their influences on consumers.

Better With Economically

Everyone knows what is meant by the “price” of a product. But just as important for our strategic purposes is a product’s value to the customer, something that is far less conspicuous because it often depends on the customer’s subjective assessments. From a strategic perspective, price and value are the only parameters that really matter to our customers, and we understand the interaction between them. We designed the price-value model for precisely that purpose.

Why Choosing Us

19 Years of Experience

The great explorer the truth who builder human happiness one.

Licensed & Insured

Must explain to you how this mistaken of idea workers.

Honest & Dependable

Denouncing pleasure, praising pain us born, it will give completed.

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